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How It Started

How It Started

It all started with trying to find a cat carrier.

While visiting family, we adopted a kitten and needed to find a cat carrier. That’s when the adventure began. We started with a search engine, and found plenty of businesses - but no local ones. Next we turned to the yellow pages, found the ’pet store’ category, and spent a hour calling different stores to see if they had a cat carrier. That’s when the Zidster concept was formed! What if there was a system that anyone could use to find what they want when they want it locally. Local businesses could list their entire product line or service offerings. Then the system would match the need with the business.

Voila, Zidster. Well, in reality it took months to create this unique system, and we never stop thinking about ways to improve it. Zidster answers the common problem of doing your research on the internet but then finding the products or services at local businesses (perhaps we just like being able to see it, touch it, talk about it, try it on, and return it if we need to). But Zidster first had to create a new way to search for and find local products and services. Traditional search engines depend on web sites (we should know we’ve been building web sites for years), and most directories are driven by category rather than a specific product or service. So we created Zidster to take searching to the next level – specific products and services!! Companies list them, people find them – and it even has the power to link coupons or other incentives with the business!

Our goal is to help people searching for a product or service find a local business. Tell us how we are doing and how we can improve.