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Why Use Zidster

Using Zidster to Find What You Need

There are plenty of ways to use Zidster. Whether you need a phone number or are looking for a product or service, if it has to do with finding a business, make Zidster your first stop. Here are a few of the ways we like to use Zidster.

Use 1: Just to get a phone number.

For ordering take-out, checking if a product is in-stock, or even making an appointment, you need a phone number and you need it fast. Use Zidster. Itís easy. Just type in the company name, your zip and bang, there is the phone number.

(PS. If they aren’t in the Zidster database just contact us. Let us know their name and location. We’ll get them listed (after all it doesn’t cost the company a penny to list) and we’ll let you know that we’ve done it.)

Use 2: When you need to find a product.

You know what you want, researched it on-line, or saw it in a magazine, but now you want to find it locally. Use Zidster. Just type in the product name, your zip and bingo, thereís a list of the closest businesses that match the product you are looking for.

(PS. Because we gather actual product and service details directly from businesses, it’s a process that takes time. If you can’t find what you need today, don’t despair, companies are always listing additional products. Course we can always use help, contact us and let us know you couldn’t find a product on Zidster. We’ll do our best to find it for you.)

Use 3: When you need a service.

The washer breaks, the well pump fails, ants are marching through the kitchen, and you need someone to help. Use Zidster. Just type in the service, your zip and bam, Zidster presents the closest businesses that match your need.

(PS. Ditto above.)

Use 4: Not sure what they call it.

Businesses sometimes use industry jargon, whereas you and me, we just know what we want. Sometimes the two don’t match. Zidster can help. Use the items under ‘Narrow Your Search’ or ‘Broaden Your Search’ to supplement your search. Who knows what you’ll find.

Contact us and let us know how you use Zidster.