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How Do I Search Zidster?

It’s easy. Just type either the product or service in the search box, type the location you want to find a business near (either a zip or a city, state combination), and then either hit ‘go’ or click the Search button.

How to Search


What do the results mean?

Zidster will provide a Results page which lists the companies that have the product and service you want. The results page is organized with the nearest company that is the best match first, and then the next, and the next and so on.

Company Results made easy: The search results page offers some quick company information which links to a company’s detailed listing and any other information that a company thinks might help you make a decision on where to buy.

How to Search


What is Best Match?

Based on the initial search criteria provided, Zidster uses a unique algorithm to find the “Best Match” for a local business that carries the product or service nearest your location.


Where do you get your information?

Zidster data comes from businesses and publicly available sources of information.